Shreveport Concrete Flooring, Stained Floors

At Stain-Pro, our diamond processing and staining method for concrete surfaces in Shreveport, Louisiana is more desirable than ever. Our technique is superior to traditional topical sealer methods for decorative flooring which can crack during application and quickly show wear and tear – plus, our concrete staining in Shreveport is environmentally friendly for both interior and exterior applications.

If your home or business sees a lot of traffic, your stained concrete flooring in Shreveport will require an extreme amount of maintenance to keep it from deteriorating completely after a short time. That’s why our process involves thorough grinding and polishing to add stain colorant and penetrating chemical densifier sealer into the concrete as opposed to simply applying a topical sealer onto it. The diamond processing and staining method ensures a far better long-term value for your decorative concrete flooring in the Shreveport area.

When you want a beautiful, durable, and cost-efficient way to improve the concrete flooring in your Shreveport area home or business, trust the professionals at Stain-Pro. As expert applicators, our crews deliver exceptional quality concrete staining services for our customers coupled with unparalleled customer service. From outside staining to garage flooring, decorative flooring, and more, we provide the unique, attractive, and long-lasting flooring solutions Shreveport, LA residential and commercial properties need to look their best. We also provide custom concrete floor graphics in Shreveport that home and business owners love – practically any imaginable graphic image can be embedded into your flooring that will stand the test of time.

If you’re ready to transform your flooring with a beautiful diamond processed concrete floor staining service in Shreveport, Louisiana, contact the professionals at Stain-Pro today.