Are you a career minded entrepreneur or do you have a strong desire to be one? Do you believe you deserve an above average income because you're dedicated to doing excellent work? Could you appreciate the benefits of less competition, and being professionally trained in a high demand specialized career? Can you recognize real opportunity and seize the benefits, then consider this.

The Stain-Pro method of diamond processing and staining concrete is in demand and getting more popular year after year. Diamond processed and stained concrete goes through steps of grinding and polishing adding stain colorant and penetrating chemical densifier sealer INTO the concrete. This process results in greater durability, longer floor life, and quality over topically sealed concrete.  Today's flooring customer has a higher performance expectation for their investment over inferior topically sealed and stained concrete.  The old school method of using topical sealer's most often doesn't hold up to the heavy residential and commercial traffic of today. Topical sealers generally require far too much maintenance, and begin deteriorating from day one of use. During the application they can bubble, or give off toxic flammable fumes and leave roller marks. While curing they can spiderweb. After curing it can give off noxious fumes for an extended time, show wear patterns or delaminate altogether. Many topical sealer's are not user friendly to the applicator or the environment.

However, acceptance and demand for polished concrete is everywhere especially in the "forward thinking" big box stores such as Wal Mart, Home Depot, Lowes and even in schools, as well as office buildings, malls, airports, and new homes.

No doubt you've seen polished concrete numerous times. It's smoother to the touch, has a natural luster to it, not a phony shine. The numerous advantages of diamond processed concrete floors offer a far better long-term value for the customer. Our decorative concrete customers and industry deserves the very best results and diamond processed and polished concrete for interior decorative floors for both commercial and residential is the obvious superior direction.

Ever say "I wish I had gotten in on that at the right time"? 
Good news: Real opportunity is knocking again.

At Stain-Pro we see a VAST opportunity in the small commercial and residential market segment for diamond processed and stained concrete applicators. Most builders, remodelers, and project managers in this segment do not have a dependable diamond process concrete professional.  Most of them have been disappointed with unpredictable stains and topical sealer's in the past and they are in need of a reliable professional applicator who can provide this superior performing floor in a cost-efficient price range. Builder's and their customers enjoy the natural look of decorative concrete and appreciate the numerous benefits of diamond processed concrete with the majority of products processed INTO the concrete. However, there is simply a shortage of professionally trained applicators equipped with the knowledge, expertise and superior performing products, UNTIL NOW.

More good news/ $mall investment 

At Stain-Pro we have developed a new cost efficient approach to processing concrete with cost saving machinery and products. At Stain-Pro there's no longer a need to invest thousands and thousands of dollars to take advantage of delivering BETTER. Our process equipment is economical and  it significantly boost's productivity.

Stain-Pro targets processing concrete in (the upper limits) class A Cream finish or class B fine aggregate exposure polishing to a level 3 semi – polished or level 4 highly-polished finish. This class and level of processing is highly successful for us and our customers love it. This sweet spot in the concrete is full of floor character opportunity and Stain-Pro products accentuate it. Our products reveal the natural character with color variations delivering natural beauty and true durability.

We can easily show you how you too can provide this superior floor for your customers in a two day hands on training.

 The efficiencies and quality of our Crusader diamonds, Vintage Micro-Stain, Nano-Tech penetrating densifier and semi-Penetrating Floor-Shield keeps the per-square foot cost very efficient for both the customer and applicator. 

Our Crusader diamonds cut into the upper limits of the concrete quick and easy opening up the concrete using cost efficient floor machines. Our Micro-Stain Vintage is an easy to control concrete stain that is UV resistant, stains new or old concrete, reveals its natural color quickly and no rinse is needed. Stain-Pro Nano-Tech is a premier best in class densifier.  Combine that with Stain-Pro Floor Shield and Crusader diamonds to polish out the project and the results speak for themselves.

We train career minded professionals. 

At Stain-Pro we're hands-on cutting edge entrepreneurs, and professional practicing applicators. Who better to learn from?  Our process and products are successfully used by our crews every work day and we can share an abundance of knowledge with you in your training. Our goal is to improve our industry and share this innovative breakthrough so that you can continue to improve our industry and be successful all while delivering BETTER for your customers.

In our training sessions we try and cover A to Z from qualifying prospective customers, the complete process, products, and decades of tips to cost efficiently advance your own independent business, and so much more. When you train with Stain-Pro we can become your one stop cost saving wholesaler for equipment, products and support. We train with hands on full sample floor demonstrations in our expansive Tyler Texas training center covering each easy to follow step.

In our trainings we break down the complicated and simplify this proven system. When you leave you will have received training from decades of experience and know-how. With our shared expertise and cutting edge process you will then  be able to offer your customers a superior product with a high-end look at a low-end cost and with rare competition. Your success is a priority to us and we offer tech support.


We will also train you on how to provide your customers custom floor graphics. Some of your new customers will love their own custom floor graphic displayed on their new custom floor in their preferred size and placement. Practically any imaginable graphic image is possible. 

We show you how to provide this extra service so easily and efficiently.


We share an advertising tip that cost pennies apiece and can place you in front of tens of thousands of potential customers daily. This one tip produces customers month after month year after year for us. 

At Stain-Pro we provide you with the latest up-to-date knowledge, products, cost efficient machinery and marketing tips to help you quickly seize this opportunity and get you going "NOW" with an amazing small investment for yourself. 

We are not a franchise, not a too good to be true get rich quick pyramid scheme. We are not an art class and we are not expensive!

This is specialized work that delivers a better floor product at a cost savings for your customers and reward$ the applicator well.

You may also qualify for potential web exposure with Stain-Pro all inclusive in your training.

If you want to provide your customers the best decorative concrete floors, using the best quality products, then train with the best, Stain-Pro.

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